The FPP Approach

Florida Physician Partners (“FPP”) offers accessible, cost-effective and high-quality health care services to employers and other healthcare consumers. Our corporation has operated successfully in Western Florida since 2010. FPP is a regional network of credentialed physicians who are committed and accountable to improving the health status of their patients and the communities where they practice while reducing overall health care costs for employers and other health care consumers.

In 2010, we began forming a network that links physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers into one regional health system. FPP is a committed model of providers that offers employers and other healthcare consumers, single contracting authority for a full continuum of services throughout Western Florida.

The Objectives of FPP

  • Offer employers and other healthcare consumers an effective, selective, and regional managed care network of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers;
  • Provide patients with high quality, cost-effective health care managed by physicians and hospitals they know and trust;
  • Assure patients and physicians that decisions related to healthcare management meet the standard of care;
  • Respond to patient needs quickly and facilitate access to care without barriers to effective treatment;
  • Promote preventive services, early interventions, and the overall management of care;
  • Establish relationships between health care consumers and providers that result in the development of innovative healthcare management programs that satisfy the needs of patients;
  • Provide information requested by health care consumers and providers on a timely basis and in a format which is consistent with their needs;
  • Promote quality patient care through effective communication among all providers, including primary care physicians, specialty care physicians, and hospitals;
  • Facilitate development of a truly integrated health system that offers a full continuum of healthcare services throughout Florida.

Why Choose FPP

The answer is clear, effective and demonstrated value with accountability.

  • FPP is owned and operated by health care providers who live and work in Western Florida.
  • Participating providers have been carefully selected and credentialed.
  • Patients and employers have a local contact to resolve issues that arise, including those related to billing, quality of care, and appointment scheduling.
  • All medical decisions will be made by physicians who consider the quality of patient care to be the most important concern.
  • FPP is in the process of developing local liaisons at each participating hospital who are discharge planning nurses, social workers, and case managers that will work with physicians to ensure that patient care is provided in the most appropriate, cost-effective manner through the entire continuum of care.
  • FPP offers innovative health plan programs that reduce health care costs and result in effective patient care management by keeping patients healthy and productive within their communities.
  • Regional employers are able to work directly with regional healthcare providers who are committed to excellence and patient advocacy. We feel provider commitment and accountability results in patient and employer satisfaction and the reduction of health care costs.